Basic training passenger shipping safety expert

Safety experts must skillfully manage emergency situations to prevent injuries, environmental damage or loss of the ship. To do this, they must possess extensive knowledge of the safety equipment on board and support their manager in ensuring that these tools are maintained in good working condition.

We can give basic passenger shipping safety expert training to crew members and other on-board personnel appointed by the captain to perform safety tasks as specified in the Shipping Personnel Regulations (RSP) and the European Standard for Qualifications (ES-QIN) competence requirements.

2 days (4 half-days) including the completion of an e-learning module prior to on board training


Refresher passenger shipping safety expert training

Safety experts must take a refresher training course before their basic passenger shipping safety expert training certificate expires.  

During this refresher passenger shipping safety expert training, we focus on on refreshing the participant’s previously acquired knowledge by re-teaching both the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical actions through a scenario-based training program.

After the student successfully conpletes the refresher course, the previously earned safety expert certificate is renewed for the legally established period.

1 day (2 parts of the day)