Basic first aid training

The basic first aid training course is meant for anyone who may be confronted with a workplace situation or incident in which injuries may occur.

Some of the topics covered in this training include: 
Providing aid in cases of unconsciousness or shock, resuscitation protocols, patient transport techniques, alerting relevant emergency services, and the use of the safety equipment present on board, with optional training on defibrillator use.

2 days (half-days) or

1 day (3 half-days) including the completion of an e-learning module prior to the on-board training


Refresher first aid training

All potential first aid providers must participate in a refresher training course before their basic first aid-certificate expires.  

During this refresher first aid training, we refresh the participant’s previously acquired knowledge by teaching both the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical actions through a scenario-based program.

After the student successfully conpletes the refresher course, the certificate is renewed for the legally established period.

1 day (2 half-days)