About Op Koers! Maritiem

Op Koers! Maritiem has been providing safety training courses for shipping personnel since 2009 and focuses on training passenger shipping crew members. With an extensive service package, we, along with our sister organizations Marteq and Safe Ships, take a comprehensive approach to ensuring safety on board. We are a certified training company with the Central Commission for Rhine Navigation (CCNR) and the Human Environment & Transport Inspectorate (IL&T) and are ISO 9001 2015 certified. We give crew members the right level of training by training them in a practice-oriented manner, and we are authorized to proivide relevant certifications according to the Shipping Personnel Regulations (RSP) and to conduct examinations of crew member competencies under the European Standard for Qualifications in Inland Navigation (ES-QIN0 guidelines.

Continuous improvements

Op Koers! Maritiem strives for efficiency in every area and never loses sight of the customer. By applying customization, making an inventory of individual training needs, maintaining close contact with shipping companies and continuously improving our courses, we keep our training content up-to-date and in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

OK Academy

The OK Academy was born out of these continuous improvements. Online, students can gain the required theoretical knowledge at their own pace and at a time of their own choosing before taking part in the on-board training, which can then efficiently focus on the relevant practical actions and competencies.

Our specialized instructors provide professional training on location according to the customer’s wishes, with training conducted whenever ander wherever desired. We ensure that only those students who have demonstrated the required competencies are certified so that a ship’s safety is guaranteed with only well-qualified and certified personnel present to control any emergency situation on board. 

Flexible team

We can train large numbers of students at various locations all over Europe at the same time. We offer an extensive pool of instructors and trainings that mostly occur on board passenger ships. Many satisfied international customers and shipping companies have relied on us to provide safety certifications that are valid in all EU member states under both the RSP and the ES-QIN.

Working area: Europe

Due to the international nature of shipping, our area of operations covers almost all of Western Europe and part of Eastern Europe.

Because of our integration with the inland navigation industry, we closely monitor relevant EU shipping laws and regulations. Both our team and instructor network are fluent in a wide variety of languages. These two characteristics ensure that we can operate effectively and efficiently in all European countries.

Of course, not every country in Europe is located near our headquarters. However, due to our large customer base, we know how to keep our costs low and attractive through efficient planning and transportations.