Basic training Breathing apparatus operator

During the Breathing apparatus operator training, the student is taught the basics of working safely with a breathing apparatus. It is important to keep in mind that during this training we do not attempt to train the student to become an accomplished firefighter. First of all, controlling the situation and preventing it from getting out of hand is most important. 

The basic training Breathing apparatus operator is intended for the crew members who are designated to get an emergency under control until the emergency services arrive.

 1 day (3 half-days) including e-learning module prior to on-board training


Refresher training Breathing apparatus operator

The breathing apparatus operator can retain his certificate through an annual refresher training.

During this Breathing apparatus operator refresher training, the focus mainly lies on the acquired competencies and skills of the participant by exercising in a practical way.

After the student concludes the refresher course with a satisfactory result, the certificate is extended for the legally established period.

1 day (2 half-days)