Sister companies

Op Koers! Maritiem was founded in 2005 to deliver a total shipping safety concept.

Through the delivery and maintenance of safety equipment under the name Safe Ships and the production of gangways under the name Marteq, the organization has expanded to where these subsidiaries now operate completely independently.

OK Maritime

Logo OK Maritime

Being not only the English translation of Op Koers! Maritiem, OK Maritime is also the name of the sister organization that supplies and maintains training resources and materials Op Koers! Maritiem uses and is also specialized in testing, inspection and maintenance of safety equipment.

Safe Ships

Logo Safe Ships

With extensive experience in the field of firefighting and safety equipment, our sister organization Safe Ships has been a reliable supplier and service partner for international shipping companies since 2008 and provides passenger ships with the right safety equipment.


Logo MarteQ

With more than 15 years of experience in providing aluminum offshore solutions, our sister organization Marteq designs and manufactures certified products for the shipping industry. Their aluminum gangways and accommodation ladders guarantee safe entry to the ship.