Privacy statement Op Koers! Maritiem

This privacy statement informs on how Op Koers! Maritime, also known with its trade name OK Maritime (hereinafter: OKM), processing of personal data and provides insight into your rights.

OKM acknowledges the importance of the protection of your privacy and the safety of your personal data. We only process personal data in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) and the Personal Data Protection Act (WPB).

According to both AVG and WPB, OKM is the responsible party for processing (special) personal data for both students, relations and employees associated with OKM.

The following personal data can be requested and processed by OKM:

  • Name and address details, date and place of birth, passport photo, IBAN, student number, correspondence number, BSN, diplomas, course details.
  • Other legally required personal data.
  • Personal data necessary for special guidance of students with regard to health and well-being.
  • Insurance details (only in case of a student’s stay abroad).
  • Other legally required personal data based on specific legislation such as Education and Vocational Education Law, Secondary Education Law, Tax Law, Identification Law and the Dutch law ‘Wet verbetering Poortwachter’.

OKM processes personal data for the following persons with the following purposes:

Leerlingen en cursisten

  • Registration of prospective student / student and registration pupil / student at OK Academy.
  • Application for prospective student / student and pupil / student registration during practical training.
  • Processing of study results, study progress and related information.
  • Supervision of students and students who require support in the context of extra care.
  • Processing of requested (study) information or publications.
  • Further information, including current developments at OKM, meetings and information.
  • Recruitment of pupils and students.

Staff members

  • Recruitment and selection of employees.
  • Appointment as an employee at OKM.
  • For optimal functioning of employees.


  • Security and improvement of our websites.
  • Improvement of our services.
  • Recruitment and selection of employees.
  • Personal data is only used for the purposes mentioned above. Permission for other purposes will be explicitly requested

The personal data of course participants and employees are stored in accordance with statutory or OKM guidelines for retention periods.

As the owner of personal data (data subject), certain rights exist under privacy legislation. The rights of persons involved are:

Right for access to data

A request can be made to the Data Protection Officer (FG) to receive a statement of personal data processed and managed by OKM.

Right for correction

If OKM uses personal data incorrectly, a correction may be requested, although OKM is bound to the personal details of the Education Executive Agency (DUO), based on the data in the Personal Records Database (BRP) of the person’s place of residence.

Right of non-remembrance

The data of the person concerned can be removed from the files of OKM. Technological and legal limitations apply to this as stated in, for example, the Archive Law.

Right to data portability

The person concerned can request to transfer personal data to a self indicated authority.

Requests for the above can be sent to the Data Protection Officer (FG) of OKM via

For the processing of personal data, OKM can use service providers that act as processors exclusively on behalf of and for OKM. Processors work on the basis of a processing agreement concluded for this purpose. Beside this, personal data is never provided to third parties, unless required by specific legislation.

OKM, together with any processors, ensures appropriate organizational and technical security of personal data. This way OKM ensures that this data is only accessible to persons who are authorized to do so by virtue of their position or task. The data itself is only used for the purposes for which it was obtained and on a legal basis.

OKM ensures that storage, management and processing of personal data takes place within the European Union.

If the opinion exists that personal data of (prospective) pupils, (prospective) students or employees of OKM are accessible to unauthorized persons or there is a suspicion about this, we ask you to report this immediately via our general number: 0031 10 – 2344302. This means that the procedure for analyzing, resolving and possibly reporting to the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) of the data incident goes in operation.

We use cookies on our websites. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer, tablet or telephone when you visit a specific web page. If and insofar as OKM hereby processes personal data (such as an IP address), OKM thereby complies with the applicable privacy legislation.

OKM strives to keep the overview below as up-to-date as possible. For third party cookies, this third party determines the content of the cookie, as well as how long the cookie is stored. For more information about these cookies, we refer you to the privacy policy of the third party in question.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies ensure more user-friendly websites and may be placed without permission. By placing functional cookies, OKM ensures that we recognize you on your next visit to our website, web statistics are kept and any errors solved. These types of cookies make your (next) visit to our websites easier and more efficient. These cookies are stored for a maximum of 1 year.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies can be used to improve our websites based on visitor behavior. With the information obtained we can see, among other things, which parts of the websites are (less) well viewed. This way we can ensure that these parts are easy or better to find. Some analytical cookies may be placed without permission. For other analytical cookies, explicit permission is required. These cookies are stored for a maximum of 26 months.

OKM can use Google Analytics to keep track of how users approach our websites and
use. This ensures that we can adjust and improve our websites. Your data is shared in an anonymous form to be analyzed using Google Analytics. OKM enters into a processing agreement with Google for the use of Google Analytics. When sharing your data, part of your IP address is withheld for your privacy. This means that your data cannot be traced to you and cannot be used by third parties. The function “Sharing data with Google Analytics” is therefore disabled.

Delete cookies

You can delete cookies automatically or manually via your internet browser. It is also possible to set your internet browser so that you receive a message when a cookie is placed. Another possibility is to indicate that certain cookies may not be placed. View the help function of your browser for this option.

Our websites contain hyperlinks to third-party websites. OKM is not responsible for the content of these websites and is also not responsible for the privacy policy and the use of cookies on these websites.

Any questions about privacy on our online communication channels can be ask=33\/]]]] OKM uses photos and videos on its websites and social media channels for PR purposes. OKM treats the interests of those involved with care. The aim is not to use visual material on which people are recognizable and pronounced in the picture before prior permission has been requested from those involved. If, despite our care, it happens that visual material has been placed without permission,
please contact the Communications department of OKM via

OKM uses photos and videos on its websites and social media channels for PR purposes. OKM handles the interests of those involved with the most care. The aim is not to use visual materials in which people are recognizable and pronounced in the image until prior permission has been requested from the involved. If, despite our care, images have been posted without permission, please contact the OKM Communications department via

OKM reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Statement. More information about privacy, working with personal data and information security can be found on the website of the AP.

OKM greatly appreciates questions and comments regarding this privacy statement. In case there is the opinion that this privacy statement is not being complied with or that there is a complaint about the use of personal data, a request can be made to make use of the legal rights as the person concerned. These can be made known directly to the functional data protector via the email address:

In addition, there is always the possibility of submitting a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority via the website of the AP.